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Question   photography
Rick, WOW! Your work is incredible. Thank you for sharing your website with me. Lots of Love, Lisa

- Lisa Scannell June 18, 2009

  Answer I enjoyed your site.

- Rob Miller  August 14, 2010

  Answer I really couldn't ask for more from this artlice.

- Audel Audel  January 07, 2012

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Question   Photos
Hi Rick,

Photos are beautiful. Hope to see more.

- Bob Mokos May 02, 2008

  Answer I'm quite peasled with the information in this one. TY!

- Puss Puss  January 07, 2012

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Question   Great Work!
Hi Rick....your work is really a pleasure to view. I will come back here many times.

-  March 14, 2008

  Answer Thanks Dave

- Richard L. Smith  March 14, 2008

  Answer I liked your site.

- Rob Miller  October 12, 2009

  Answer Superb information here, ol'e chap; keep bnurnig the midnight oil.

- Gracelynn Gracelynn  January 09, 2012

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Question   Awesome
Rick this is Really Cool. Website is good and the pictures are beautiful. A lot of good work!

-  March 11, 2008

  Answer That's a genuinely ipmrsesive answer.

- Lakiesha Lakiesha  January 07, 2012

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Question   Well done
Very nice Rick. I proudly display the racoon shot here in my office and get a lot of comments. You've captured some great shots. Retirement looks good on you!

-  March 11, 2008

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Question   Website
Hi Rick,
This is awesome. Your pictures are beautiful and very unique. You are talented individual!

Congratulations and best of luck to you. This will be very successful. I am excited for you~

-  March 11, 2008

  Answer This is the prfeect way to break down this information.

- Kaedn Kaedn  January 07, 2012

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